GH2DP Student Scholars Program


Particularly motivated medical and public health students can apply to participate in research at our Yoro, Honduras site.

With mentorship from Drs. Stevens and Bearman, students create de novo research projects designed to both improve the care that is provided to the people we serve in Yoro as well as to positively contribute to the world literature on a given subject.

Students are mentored through all steps of the research process (from study design and creation, obtaining institutional review board approval, carrying out their project in Honduras, creating databases and analyzing their data.

Financial support is available via the VCU School of Medicine. Students are encouraged to present their work locally and nationally, and ultimately responsible for submitting their projects for publication.

The key steps in participating in this program are outlined in the diagram below.

To date, we have had 9 students work with us on international health projects that have led to 21 local, regional, national and international presentations, as well as 6 papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Current and prior Student Scholars can be found here.

Interested students should contact Dr. Michael Stevens at


VCU Global Health & Health Disparities Program Student Scholars Program

“This program is unique in its ability to allow students to continue to foster their interests in global public health and research throughout medical school. The data gathered from student-led projects impacts the allocation of medical and public health resources on subsequent brigades, therefore providing students the opportunity to see their work make a real-time difference on the communities served.”

            -Gabriela Halder, VCU School of     
             Medicine Class of 2014
“Participating in the northern Honduras brigade in both a clinical and research capacity has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had as a medical student. I came into school with an interest in global health, and through the planning, execution and completion of my project, I have been able to further this passion and additionally realize the impact the projects done through GH2DP have on individuals living in the areas we serve.”

            -Jackie Arquiette, VCU School of     
             Medicine Class of 2015

For more information contact:

Michael P. Stevens, M.D., M.P.H.

VCU Health System

P.O. Box 980019

Richmond, Virginia 23298-0019

Phone: (804) 828-2121