GH2DP: Department of Yoro, Honduras



Our medical and public health planning trip (for our June 2015 brigade) took place in February 2015. Dr. Bearman traveled to Olanchito where he met with officials from the local Ministry of Health and our local community partners. Thereafter, he traveled to the rural, remote mountain villages of La Hicaca, La Culata and Chorro Viento where the team met with people and examined the local clean water infrastructure.

During this trip we shared the results of our June 2014 research projects and laid the groundwork for our June outreach trip.

Our spring brigade was held June 4-June 12 and involved 26 health professionals and trainees from the United States. We also partnered with researchers from Brock University in Canada as well as the National Autonomous University of Honduras in Tegucigalpa. All told, our group saw over 700 patients in 6 days of clinic. All adults were screened for diabetes, hypertension, de-wormed and had acute medical issues addressed, as well.

We distributed 90 water filters (each of which can provide clean drinking water to an entire family for 2 years) and facilitated approximately 80 pap smears and dental extractions for 70 patients. We administered surveys looking at knowledge, attitudes and risk factors for dengue and chikungunya infection. In addition we collected data on the clinical and microbiologic effectiveness of a new water chlorination system. Dr. Ana Sanchez (Brock University) and her colleagues from the National Autonomous University of Honduras examined stool samples on several scores of people, helping to identify patients with refractory infections and connecting them to care. We screened patients for vision issues and distributed eyeglasses. A new water catchment system was trialled as was a new biosand filter prototype. Students and residents received didactic and clinical lectures on soil transmitted helminths, chronic disease screening and tropical dermatology.

Pictures from our most recent outreach trip can be found here.


February 2015 and June 2015

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